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What are cookies and how they operate?
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What cookies are used by Chocolette Confectionary SIA?
In order to improve the website functionality and facilitate their use the following types of cookies are used on websites:
Tracking cookies: These cookies Chocolette Confectionary SIA is using for the views statistics of the website set-up.
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How to cut back the saving of cookies or remove the cookies from the end device?
No cookies used by Chocolette Confectionary SIA contain any personal data of the website visitor and cannot be used for the website visitor’s identification purposes. However, if the website visitor wants to limit (disallow) saving of cookies on his/her end devices or delete the saved cookies it can be performed by using the Web browser settings.


Changes in information
Chocolette Confectionary SIA is authorized to any time introduce changes in the Cookies Policy. Website visitor is obligated to regularly check the contents of this page to familiarize themselves with any updates or amendments to the Cookies Policy.


For all looking for a healthier diet
Cocoa is a small evergreen tree with glossy leaves native to the deep tropical forests of Africa and South America. It blossoms yellow flowers and brings the fruits throughout the whole year. The flowers are produced right on the trunk of the tree.
The history of cocoa
The history of cocoa
The beans of cocoa were discovered at least 3000 years ago by Aztec and Maya Indian population. The cocoa beans were rated so high that they were used as money.
The history of the drink
The history of the drink
The first cocoa drink invented by the ancient tribes was made of cocoa beans, water, chilli pepper, grain and other ingredients.