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Where do people think the racism comes from? Would it be something that comes naturally or learned? Alex Haley, American writer writes that “Racism is taught in our society… it is not automatic. It is learned behavior toward persons with dissimilar physical characteristics.
These free essays papers will cover about the blue-eyed/brown-eyed experiment by an American teacher Jane Elliott which took place in 1968 in Riceville, Iowa. So if you are interested in topics about it, check out thefreeessays. Riceville is a rural town with all-white, Christian residents, thus an environment where they lacked chances to meet with people in other races. This experiment was conducted after the assassination of American Baptist minister and Black-rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr. Who was shot few days later after being chosen as the hero of the month for Elliott’s class.
Her students had asked why he had been killed and Elliott asked back what they knew about black people. Most of the students had never even met black people before, but they still said negative words like “they’re dirty.” “they stink” “they riot, they steal” “you can’t trust them” “my dad says they better not move in our next doors.”