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Chocolette Confectionary SIA, registration Nr. 40103992213, legal address Aviacijas Street 18, Jelgava, LV-3004 (hereinafter – the Company) collects, uses, stores, transfers and processes personal data of website visitors and client’s (hereinafter collectively referred to as – the Clients) personal data (hereinafter – Personal Data). The Company has adopted this Privacy Policy, which includes information to the Clients for the processing of their Personal Data.

The Company reviews and updates this privacy policy on a regular basis and as necessary in all circumstances of change (for example, changes in the types of personal data, categories, processing purposes, etc.) in order to be consistent with the actual process of Personal Data by the Company.

What personal data do we process and what is the basis and purpose of processing?

Personal Data of the Clients is processed only if there is a need to process it in order to achieve a specific purpose or aim. In addition, the processing of Personal Data is always based on a specific legal basis for the processing of Personal Data. The Company does not process personal data if there is no specific purpose and legal basis for processing.

Personal Data of Website Visitors:

Personal data / data categories Legal basis for processing Purpose
By sending a message from a website:

·       Name

·       E-mail

·       Information included in your message


By sending a message to the Company, you consent to the processing of Personal Data


Answering and communicating with website visitors


Signing up for updates:

·       Name

·       E-mail


By signing up to the Company’s news, you are consent to the processing of Personal Data

Marketing activities, as well as popularization of the Company’s products

Personal Data of the Clients:

Personal data / data categories Legal basis for processing Purpose
Visiting the Tasting Booths:

·       A person’s photo


By visiting the Company’s tasting booths, you are consent to the processing of personal data


Promotion of Company’s products, as well as product marketing

Personal Data of the Clients that are companies and other business partners:

Personal data / data categories Legal basis for processing Purpose
In the context of cooperation or agreement:

·       Name, surname

·       Position

·       Contact information

Measures for signing the agreement, signing of the agreement  

Signing the agreement with the Client, his execution and communication with the Client within the agreement


Who handles your personal data and can they be disclosed to third parties?

Your Personal Data is processed by the Company, but in certain cases where the Company has a statutory obligation, Personal Data may be disclosed to public authorities. The Company may disclose your Personal Data to the third parties to the extent necessary to third parties providing services to the Company (the Company’s legitimate interests to provide commercial activities), such as for legal assistance providers in the preparation and / or screening of agreement, advertising agencies for the processing of photographs and their publication.


How long Personal Data is stored?

The Company processes personal data as long as it is necessary for the purpose which it is collected and processed and there is a legal basis for processing it. Personal data is stored by the company as long as there is at least one of the following circumstances:

  1. Personal data is necessary for a particular purpose (for example, a response to the website visitor);
  2. has not expired the storage period of the document containing personal data specified in regulatory enactments;
  3. has not expired the limitation period specified in the regulatory enactments, in which the Company or the Client may bring legal proceedings and the particular Personal data relates to such possible claims;
  4. Personal data is necessary for the realization and protection of the Company’s legitimate interests, and personal data storage is reasonable;
  5. The consent of Personal Data processing has not been withdrawn if the processing of the particular Personal Data is based on consent (in addition, if the consent provides for a specific retention period, withdrawal of consent is the basis for the deletion of this Personal Data; otherwise personal data will be deleted after the expiration of the retention period).

After the end of the storage period, Personal data is erased in such way that Personal Data would be permanently lost and can no longer be recovered.

 What are your rights?

You can influence how the Company processes your data. Below is a list of your rights.

  1. Access to your Personal Data – receive information about what Personal Data is processed by the Company, as well as receive these Personal Data in a written form.
  2. Request of Personal Data Correction (including replenishment) if it is inaccurate or incomplete.
  3. Request of Personal Data deletion, for example, if Personal Data is no longer necessary for the purposes which was collected or otherwise processed, or Personal Data is processed on the basis of the consent that is withdrawn.
  4. Personally receive or transmit Personal Data to other subjects – this rights may be used in the case when Personal Data processed on the basis of consent or agreement and processing is done in an automated manner.
  5. Limit the processing of Personal Data, for example, if the visitor of the website disputes his Personal Data accuracy until the Company has completed the Personal Data Correction request.
  6. Objection of Personal Data processing – if the processing is based on the legitimate interests of the Company or other persons. In this case, the Company shall make a comparison of the significance of the interests, rights and freedoms of the applicant to the legitimate interests of the Company or third parties.
  7. Withdraw the consent, if processing is done on the basis of consent. The consent can be sent to the following email

The above mentioned Rights of the Client are not absolute. Therefore, the Client’s requests cannot always be satisfied, since there may be certain exceptions to the implementation of the right, the processing of this Personal Data may be necessary for the protection of other important interests, fulfillment of the requirements of the regulatory enactments, etc. Therefore, the Company thoroughly and on a case-by-case basis will individually examine the merits of each request, evaluate the competing interests, all other circumstances and provide an answer.

In addition, Clients have the rights to file a complaint with the Data State Inspectorate, if they believe that their rights regarding personal data processing have been violated, the e-mail address:

What to do if you have additional questions?

In case you have additional questions about the processing of Personal Data, please contact us using the contact details below. The answer will be given to you within 30 days of receipt of the question.

  • E-mail address:;

Mail address: Chocolette Confectionary, Aviacijas Street 18, Jelgava, LV-3004


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