Our recipe is based on natural cocoa products delivered from the Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire), erythritol is a natural sweetener also known as “melon sugar”, polydextrose rich in food fiber, plant-sourced stevia.


What is our chocolate made from?

Quality cocoa products are at the heart of Red Chocolate. We use cocoa products from the best Ivory Coast suppliers. Our Mission is to produce great-tasting chocolate which is also healthy, and we won’t compromise on this!

Our suppliers own their own cocoa farms and they maintain the highest standards during the selection, roasting and grinding of the cocoa beans. The goal is to release the most delicate taste and aroma notes whilst ensuring that the final taste is rich and full.


Erythritol – a natural zero-calorie sweetener, also known as “melon sugar”. Erythritol naturally occurs in melons, grapes, pears and some other fruits. It is considered to be the safest and most popular sweetener in Europe at the moment.

Maltitol – is also present in several fruits and vegetables. It’s caloric value is significantly lower than that of sugar yet it is characterized by a similar full taste and sweetness.

Polydextrose – which is rich in food fibers and plant-sourced inulin contributes to healthy digestion. Like our other ingredients, it is made from natural products and allows us to reduce the quantity of fats used in our recipes. It is totally safe and approved for food production in Europe.

Stevia – is a sugar substitute that comes from a plant, and has no calories.


For all those who are looking for a healthier diet
Cocoa is a small evergreen tree with glossy leaves native to the deep tropical forests of Africa and South America. It blossoms yellow flowers and brings the fruits throughout the whole year. The flowers are produced right on the trunk of the tree.
The history of cocoa
The history of cocoa
The beans of cocoa were discovered at least 3000 years ago by Aztec and Maya Indian population. The cocoa beans were rated so high that they were used as money.
The history of the drink
The history of the drink
The first cocoa drink invented by the ancient tribes was made of cocoa beans, water, chilli pepper, grain and other ingredients.