Pleasure, Without the guilt!

The first chocolate in the world containing half the calories of normal chocolate. Due to the fact that there is no added sugar and a reduced amount of fat, we manage to reduce the caloric value of dark chocolate by 50% and milk chocolate by 35%.

One piece of dark chocolate contains only 16 kcal, which is the same caloric value as a slice of apple!

* The first mass-produced chocolate in the world with a delicious taste and 50% fewer calories and reduced fat compared to regular dark chocolate with an energy value of 546 kcal/100 g, fat 35,8 g/100 g on average

Delicious and light!

Created by the best Masters Chocolatiers from France and Switzerland, our great-tasting chocolate contains not only less calories and fat, but also does not contain added sugar! Our chocolate is made with only natural sweeteners; carefully selected cacao and cacao butter from the Ivory Coast and the highest quality milk from Germany.

Unique patented technology combined with our specialist skills result in a great-tasting healthy chocolate. Red chocolate is a great-tasting healthy chocolate that melts in the mouth…

No sugar added

RED Chocolate has no sugar added. It contains only the natural sugar of cacao. To ensure the delicious taste of chocolate we use natural prebiotic inulin; natural zero-calories sweetener: erythritol and stevia which are obtained only from natural products.

The first in the world!

RED Chocolate – the first great-tasting chocolate in the world with so few calories. Our chocolate has more than 10 invention patents.

** For dark chocolate, 299 kcal per 100 g

Natural ingredients

We use only the best natural ingredients; no substitutes; artificial colorants or preservatives.


For all those who are looking for a healthier diet
Cocoa is a small evergreen tree with glossy leaves native to the deep tropical forests of Africa and South America. It blossoms yellow flowers and brings the fruits throughout the whole year. The flowers are produced right on the trunk of the tree.
The history of cocoa
The history of cocoa
The beans of cocoa were discovered at least 3000 years ago by Aztec and Maya Indian population. The cocoa beans were rated so high that they were used as money.
The history of the drink
The history of the drink
The first cocoa drink invented by the ancient tribes was made of cocoa beans, water, chilli pepper, grain and other ingredients.